Paragon City Games, where heroes play. This brand new lifestyle hame store is located in Draper, Utah just off the freeway for easy access. Embracing old gamer traditions in a new space, we strive for quality, creativity, and community. Come in and play Magic: The Gathering with us each week! Stay informed about our upcoming events as we host many celebrity guests and workshop panels. We are the city of Heroes. All heroes, like yourself, will always be welcome here.


By the Numbers

Our store front boasts 3,000 Square feet, 20 foot high ceilings, 100 newly upholstered conference seating, 56 private lockers during gaming, and over $3,000 dollars worth of media equipment available for rent from our location.

Our store carries over 760 Thousand MTG trading cards at the start, and we only intend to grow exponentially by making trading cards easily accessible to our patrons online around the nation.

Paragon City Games collaborates with other small gaming businesses and artists. We believe in supporting our community by featuring them to our public and promoting their quality products. Some vendors we've already been able to contract with are Paradox Pewter, Die Hard Dice, and Carly Milligan.


Founded by gamers, Paragon City Games started as the brainchild of Alton Wheelhouse, who wanted to build a store where each member of the community felt mutual investment. A vision full of events and heroes passionate about their favorite franchises drove him to reach out to the community and begin looking for partners to bring it to reality. As he shared his vision a team began to form, excited about the opportunity to invite each person to build the game store they always wanted. Jason Collett, Travis Pendleton, and Talon Taylor came on as primary backers with the goal of launching the business debt free; as pen and paper turned to brick and mortar members of the community have consistently stepped forward to build this city into a haven for gamers of all kinds. Ultimately, if you want to know what Paragon City Games is about, ask any of our backers:


Paragon City Games is committed to bringing you the highest quality content and events possible, and one of the best ways to help us grow our programs is to purchase products from our storefront, whether online or in person. We've built a convenient and affordable Membership Program to help you save even more money and show your support!