Future Sight Friday (9/28/2018)

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This, unlike my Monday Musings series will be primarily focused on upcoming events, product releases and store news. Get ready for FNM, weekend board game groups and the ever-important competitive tournaments! Oh, yeah and welcome in, once again.



Upcoming events


First lets refresh from last week.


Heroes’ League Team constructed Qualifier on 10/6 at 11am. This tournament should be a blast with yet another team qualifying for the end of year event. Be prepared to battle with 2 other friends across 3 formats. This also coincides with the release of Guilds of Ravnica, so we should see some fun new builds in each of the formats. Make sure get in singles orders beforehand or make it to the myriad of pre-release events we will be hosting to have what you need to build the best new deck in each format. I will be on hand with a few extra legacy decks should your team need to borrow one. If you need a reminder of how fun the previous tournaments were just take a few minutes to go back and watch the wonderfully produced videos by Sam Tang (PlayMtG/Kitchen Table Magic) or check out our stream from the legacy tournament. This isn’t the last qualifier, there will be a Modern at the end of October and Legacy on 12/1 so get ready for those as well.


Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease (various times and days) Starting at midnight (our most popular) we will be hosting sealed events. These cost $35 and come with a minimum guaranteed prize payout. We like rewarding you for spending time and money with us. Every player will receive a minimum of 4 booster packs (usually paid out as 2 packs night of and the remainder starting the next Wednesday when we receive supplemental product). All undefeated players receive 18 packs or half a box. We don’t like keeping everyone up late, nor do we want you to suffer if you have more events planned on Saturday and Sunday, so these are all 4 round events. We also have a 3 round 2HG event later in the evening on Saturday. All of these are incredibly popular and are generally sold out events. Preregister early for the ones that you plan to attend!


Learn a Game Saturdays 11am-2pm. Come and learn a new game each week with a rotating cast of owners and employees of the store. We each have specialties and secret favorites among the games that we carry, and we want to share them with you. If you have a chance come join us and allow us to teach you the ins and outs of things like Splendor, Arctic Scavengers, Sushi Go, Unearth, NMBR 9, and so on. There are plenty of games and we are willing to try out you favorites as well. This is a free event and we certainly hope you find something that you enjoy taking back with you by the end. We also have access to an extensive rental collection to let you take it home and continue the fun.


Timpanogos Gaming Convention October 19th-20th at the Provo Convention Center. We will be attending and hosting events including on demand drafts and commander, board game learn to plays and tournaments, modern tournaments Friday and Saturday night, and a legacy tournament on Saturday. We hope you can join us there to participate in 2 days jam packed with events and games. If you paid attention to our other posts last week you will note that we will be hosting some events that have free entry badges as additional prizes thanks to our friends with the con. If you live in the Utah Valley area this is our chance to have some great events together.


GP Denver has nothing to do with the store, but for those planning to attend we wish you well! We hope our team events to this point have been beneficial to the community and would love to figure out new ways to help people prepare for these sorts of events. What sorts of events could we do to improve your preparation?


There is lots to see over the next several weeks. Look forward to Monday Musings in a couple of days, and the next Future Sight Friday for even more news on events and releases.


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