Saturday 5 PM 2HG Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

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Join us for our Prerelease of the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine! We'll be hosting a sealed prerelease at 5 PM. We have 24 spots (12 teams), so make sure to register before hand by using the link below or stopping in.This prerelease will be a Two-Headed Giant event, where two players team up and play against other teams. You and your partner will both receive a prerelease kit and can combine both of your card pools to build your decks with. Visit here for more details on two headed giant:
Each entry pays for 1 team (2 players)
$60 entry (30 per player), 4 rounds
Prize Support:
4 wins 12 packs
3 wins 6 packs
2 wins 3 packs
1 win 2 packs
0 wins 1 packs
How does an MTG prerelease work?
The prerelease is an opportunity to open and play with the latest Magic: the Gathering expansion before the new set releases, 1 week early to be exact. You will receive a prerelease kit, which comes with 1 random, exclusive dated prerelease foil rare or mythic and 6 booster packs of the set. To play in the event, you will build a 40 card deck (minimum) with the contents of your prerelease kit. The only exception is basic lands; you are allowed as many basic lands as you need, which will be provided at the store for free. Because this is a two headed giant event, you and your partner may share between each other what you both open.
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