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Alice Origin Memoria Cards

Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness - Out of StockAbel, the Avenger of Gods - Out of StockAbsolute Awareness - Out of StockAdombrali, the Unfathomable - Out of StockAlice's Castling - Out of StockAlice's World of Madness - Out of StockAlice, the Guardian of Dimensions - Out of StockAlmerius, the Magus of Light - Out of StockAlternating Current Crystal - Out of StockAmaterasu's Foresight - Out of StockAn Encounter with Cthulhu - Out of StockArondight, the Nitrogen Blade - Out of StockAvatar of the Seven Lands, Alice - Out of StockBarrier of Shadows - Out of StockBiri-Biri Ball - Out of StockBlack Moonbeam - Out of StockBlazer, Prisoner of Flame - Out of StockBlazer, the Legendary Thief - Out of StockBombardment - Out of StockBors, Returned Adventurer - Out of StockCaptain Hook, the Pirate - Out of StockCelestial Wing Seraph - Out of StockCharlotte's Water Transformation Magic - Out of StockCorpse Sorcerer - Out of StockCroco-Shark - Out of StockDance of the Shadows - Out of StockDark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony - Out of StockDark Revolution - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone - Out of StockDawn of the Earth - Out of StockDestructive Assault - Out of StockDivine Bird of Attoractia - Out of StockDragon Ore - Out of StockFiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind - Out of StockFire Magic Stone - Out of StockFlame of Outer World - Out of StockFlute's Awakening - Out of StockForbidden Arts - Out of StockFrigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvests - Out of StockGale Force - Out of StockGawain, the Knight of the Sun - Out of StockGlinda, the Fairy - Out of StockGlint of Insight - Out of StockGrimm, the Pitch Black Vampire - Out of StockGwiber, the White Dragon - Out of StockHeavenly Gust - Out of StockHeavenly Instrument, Hydromonica - Out of StockHera, Goddess of Jealousy - Out of StockHigh Speed - Out of StockHorn of Sacred Beasts - Out of StockHumpty Dumpty - Out of StockHymnal's Memoria - Out of StockJeanne d'Arc, Shadow Princess of Purity - Out of StockJeanne d'Arc, the Awakening Purity - Out of StockKaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo - Out of StockKaguya, the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter - Out of StockKeeper of the Future, Skuld - Out of StockKeeper of the Past, Urthr - Out of StockKeeper of the Present, Verdandi - Out of StockKeez's Call - Out of StockKid Puss in Boots - Out of StockKilling Stone - Out of StockLaevateinn, the Demon Sword - Out of StockLapis' Dark Storm - Out of StockLaurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian - Out of StockLight Dress Cinderella - Out of StockLight Magic Stone - Out of StockLightning Cave - Out of StockLightning Strike - Memoria020 - Out of StockLightning Strike - Memoria021 - Out of StockLittle Dread, the Fake Red Moon - Out of StockLittle Red, Fairy Tale of Air - Out of StockLumia, the Saint Lady of World Rebirth - Out of StockMagic Stone of Black Silence - Out of StockMagic Stone of Blasting Waves - Out of StockMagic Stone of Dark Depth - Out of StockMagic Stone of Deep Wood - Out of StockMagic Stone of Gusting Skies - Out of StockMagic Stone of Hearth's Core - Out of StockMagic Stone of Heat Ray - Out of StockMagic Stone of Heaven's Rift - Out of StockMagic Stone of Light Vapors - Out of StockMagic Stone of Scorched Bales - Out of StockMagical Wind Chime - Out of StockMephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant - Out of StockMillennia Bond - Out of StockMisty Dragon Spirit - Out of StockMoojdart, the Queen of Fantasy World - Out of StockMoonbreeze's Memoria - Out of StockMorgiana, the Wise Servant - Out of StockOberon, Lord of Elves - Out of StockOre From The Treasure Mountain - Out of StockOsiris, Lord of the Afterlife - Out of StockPersephone, the Nether Empress - Out of StockPiggy, Hoelle's Great Hero Pig - Out of StockPricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame - Out of StockPrison in the Lunar Lake - Out of StockRabbit of the Aqua Moon - Out of StockRachel, the Ancient Library Researcher - Out of StockRachel, the Ancient Library Researcher (Alternate Art) - -8 In StockRainbow Arrow - Out of StockRapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess - Out of StockRewriting Laws - Out of StockRuler's Memoria - Out of StockSacred Elf - Out of StockScarlet's Vision - Out of StockSeal of Wind and Light - Out of StockSeparation of Fates - Out of StockSevering Winds - Out of StockShade, Envoy of Darkness - Out of StockShaela's Elite - Out of StockShoal Coral Stone - Out of StockSign to the Future - Out of StockSilent Mermaid - Out of StockSilph, Envoy of Wind - Out of StockSkyscraper Giant - Out of StockSmall Assistant, Mariabella - Out of StockSol, Envoy of Light - Out of StockSorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee - Out of StockSoul Debt - Out of StockSpace-Time Anomaly - Out of StockSpirit Searching - Out of StockSpirit Stone - Out of StockSplit Heaven and Earth - Out of StockSprinting Flame Horse - Out of StockSprinting Time Horse - Out of StockStone from the Dark Castle - Out of StockSummoning from the Fairy Tale World - Out of StockTama, Familiar of Holy Wind - Out of StockThe Final Battle - Out of StockThe Mikage Sisters - Out of StockThought Control - Out of StockTriton, Emperor of the Seven Seas - Out of StockUltimate Magic Warrior, Gear Atmos - Out of StockValentina, Maiden of the Oceans - Out of StockValentina, Puppet Monarch - Out of StockVampire's Staff - Out of StockWall of Wind - Out of StockWater Magic Stone - Out of StockWind Magic Stone - Out of StockXeex the Ancient Magic - Out of StockYwain, Knight of Lions - Out of StockZero, the Flashing Mage-Warrior - Out of Stock