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Demo Decks: Christie vs. Reiya

Akio, the Vampire Knight - Out of StockAludicardia, the Vampire Castle - Out of StockBounty Hunter, Christie - Out of StockCharming Elf, Sian - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone - Out of StockDereck, the Vampire Soldier - Out of StockDextia, the Masquerade - Out of StockElainia, the Vampire Mistress - Out of StockElder Elf, Nutty - Out of StockElvish Archer, Jordin - Out of StockElvish Commander, Danielle - Out of StockFlashes of Death - Out of StockFlower Elf, Bottlefairy - Out of StockGerwig, the Blinding Vampire - Out of StockGigantic Elf, Ronggi - Out of StockHasty Elf, Keena - Out of StockHidden Elven Village, Circulous - Out of StockLazarus, the Vampire Duke - Out of StockQi, the Vampire Wizard - Out of StockReiya, the Vampire Princess - Out of StockRequiem of the Soul - Out of StockTyphoon - Out of StockWind Magic Stone - Out of StockWinds of Empowerment - Out of Stock