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Dual Deck: Faria & Melgis

Blessed Holy Wolf - Out of StockBlessed Holy Wolf - Foil - Out of StockCerto, the Blazing Volcano - Out of StockDemonflame - Out of StockDragoon of Certo - Out of StockDraig, the Red Dragon - Out of StockExcalibur, the God's Sword - Foil - Out of StockFaria, the Sacred Queen // Faria, the Ruler of God Sword - Foil - $1 - 1 In StockFire Magic Stone - Out of StockFlame King's Shout - Out of StockFlamewing Wyvern - Out of StockFlash of Demon Sword - Out of StockGalahad, the Son of the God - Foil - Out of StockGawain, the Knight of the Sun - Foil - Out of StockGloria's Castle Town - Out of StockGuinevere, the Jealous Queen - Foil - Out of StockGwiber, the White Dragon - Out of StockHector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad Demon - Out of StockHerald of Sacred Queen - Out of StockJustice of God's Sword - Out of StockLaevateinn, the Demon Sword - Foil - Out of StockLancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon - Foil - Out of StockLight Magic Stone - Out of StockMelgis, the Flame King // Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword - Foil - Out of StockMordred, the Traitor - Foil - Out of StockOrder of the Sacred Queen - Out of StockPerceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail - Foil - Out of StockPride of Knights - Out of StockRukh Egg - Out of StockSpirit of Certo - Out of StockTemple Monk - Out of StockTristan, the Knight of Sorrow - Out of StockVeteran Master - Out of StockWhelp Drake - Out of StockYoung Knight of Gloria - Out of Stock