Paragon City Games

Starter Deck: Jet Black Phantom

Astema, the Fallen Angel of Desolation - Foil - Out of StockBinding Chain - Out of StockBloodthirst Baron - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone (Alternate Art) - Out of StockDragon Zombie, the Necrodragon - Out of StockDullahan, the Death Knight - Out of StockFamiliar of Hades - Out of StockGhost Swordsman - Out of StockGrasp of Life - Out of StockLantern, the Spirit of Grave Keeper - Out of StockNidhogg, the Hell Dragon - Foil - Out of StockOrpheus, the Nether Player - Foil - Out of StockPower of Hatred - Out of StockSkeleton Horseman - Out of StockSkeleton Soldier - Out of StockSoul Sympathy - Out of StockZain, the Warrior of Condemnation - Foil - Out of Stock