Paragon City Games

The Dawn of Valhalla

Acidic Slime - Out of StockAmaterasu, the Oracle of Sacred Text - Foil - Out of StockAmazon of Blue Ocean - Out of StockAmon, the Demon Prince of Conspiracy - Foil - Out of StockAntorite, the Guardian of Deep Blue - Foil - Out of StockAroundight, the Holy Sword - Foil - Out of StockArthur, the King of Knights // Ares, the Knight God Emperor - Foil - Out of StockAspidochelone, the Giant Turtle of Wisdom - Foil - Out of StockAyakashi, the Serpent of Oil Mud - Foil - Out of StockBabel Tree - Out of StockBammoo, the Raging Fire Beast - Out of StockBanzai Attack - Foil - Out of StockBarrooga, the Raging Fire Beast - Out of StockBattle Archer of Asakna - Out of StockBattle Cry - Out of StockBeard Duke Warrior of One-Thousand - Foil - Out of StockBelial, the Crimson Lord - Foil - Out of StockBenem, the Guardian Angel - Out of StockBerserk Dragon - Foil - Out of StockBesieged Battle - Out of StockBind Trap - Out of StockBlack Flame - Foil - Out of StockBlack Magnetic Field - Foil - Out of StockBlack Order - Out of StockBlack Sun - Foil - Out of StockBlack Wizard // Black Wizard (J) - Out of StockBlast Gimmick - Out of StockBlazing - Out of StockBless of the Holy Grain - Out of StockBlessed Protection - Out of StockBoiling Blood - Out of StockBomber Gimmick - Out of StockBursting Shot - Out of StockCall of Illusion - Out of StockCasting - Out of StockCavalry of Asakna - Out of StockCharger of Asakna - Out of StockChivalry - Foil - Out of StockCircle of Nullify - Out of StockClockwork Messenger - Out of StockClown of Labyrinth - Out of StockCommander of the Flash Knights // Commander of the Flash Knights (J) - Out of StockCoorat, the Bond of Dead Dragon - Foil - Out of StockCursed Sword of Asakna - Out of StockCyclone Tree - Foil - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone - Out of StockDiffuse Reflection - Out of StockDisappearing Drake - Out of StockDisarm - Out of StockDuel - Out of StockEa, the Wisdom Mermaid - Out of StockEfreet, the Blazing Elemental - Out of StockEnforcer of Conviction - Foil - Out of StockEnlarge Body - Out of StockEtape - Out of StockExchange Condition of Chronos - Foil - Out of StockExpedition - Out of StockEyes in Anger - Out of StockFake Wall - Out of StockFantian-Huaji, the Pyre - Foil - Out of StockFaun, the Player of Stub - Out of StockFaust, the Promising Warrior - Foil - Out of StockFire Magic Stone - Out of StockFire Magic Stone (Alternate Art) - Out of StockFireball - Out of StockFlame Djinn - Out of StockFlame Lance - Foil - Out of StockFlaming Art -Carnage- - Out of StockFlaming Art -Foxfire- - Out of StockFlaming Art -Giant Scorch- - Foil - Out of StockFlaming Art -White Lotus- - Out of StockFlare Dragon - Foil - Out of StockFlow Back - Out of StockFlying Gimmick - Out of StockForce Drain - Out of StockForce Repatriation Machine - Out of StockForget - Out of StockGarahad, the Oracle Knight - Foil - Out of StockGark, the Pyre Beast - Out of StockGhost's Beckoning - Out of StockGimmick Golem - Foil - Out of StockGimmick Mimic - Out of StockGlorious Lion - Foil - Out of StockGlory Light of Submission - Out of StockGnome, Element of Earth - Out of StockGottfried, Elemental Knight - Foil - Out of StockGrasp of Magic Power - Foil - Out of StockGravephantom - Foil - Out of StockGrendel - Foil - Out of StockGuardian of Asakna - Out of StockGuardian of Outland // Guardian of Outland (J) - Out of StockGuide of Chaos - Out of StockHardworking Followers - Out of StockHead On Attack - Out of StockHealing Gimmick - Out of StockHealing Master - Out of StockHigh Tide Warrior - Foil - Out of StockHino Kagutsuchino Mikoto, the Flaming God of Fate - Foil - Out of StockIllusionary Guardian - Out of StockInspiration of War - Out of StockIron-Tight - Out of StockIronwall Monk - Out of StockJack-o-Lantern - Out of StockKingdom Alchemist Wizards Force - Out of StockKingdom Wyvern - Out of StockKiss of Death - Out of StockKnight Errant - Out of StockKnight of Regret - Out of StockLabyrinth Capturer - Out of StockLabyrinth Master, Chronos - Foil - Out of StockLabyrinth of Doubt - Foil - Out of StockLanding Point of Ice - Out of StockLanslot, the Knight of the Lake - Out of StockLava Stream Jake - Out of StockLight Magic Stone - Out of StockLight of Faith - Out of StockLofty Knight - Out of StockMagic Tricker - Out of StockMark of Binding - Out of StockMermaid Apprentice Student - Out of StockMind Control - Out of StockMirage Drake - Foil - Out of StockMirage Golem - Foil - Out of StockMirage Knight - Foil - Out of StockMirage Mail - Out of StockMirage Slime - Out of StockMordred, the Dueling Knight - Out of StockMutating Potion -Eclosion- - Out of StockNerve Control - Foil - Out of StockNew Stream - Foil - Out of StockOath of Dark Night - Out of StockOath of Dead - Foil - Out of StockOath of Round Table - Foil - Out of StockOathkeeper of the Sacred Sea // Triton, the Prince of Ocean - Foil - Out of StockOrder of Gartar - Out of StockParasite Seed - Out of StockParrot Dragon - Out of StockPeace Negotiation - Out of StockPhantom Reviver - Out of StockPhantom Wall - Out of StockPhoenix - Foil - Out of StockPower from Inside - Out of StockPrepare to Fall Together - Out of StockQueen of Atlantis - Out of StockRaging Flame Kabuki // Barbatos, the Crimson Duke - Foil - Out of StockRaging Inferno - Out of StockRahab, the Emperor Dragon of Riptide - Foil - Out of StockRaphael, the Healing Archangel - Foil - Out of StockRecycle - Out of StockResolute Will - Out of StockRestoration - Out of StockRotting Bloodsucker - Out of StockSabretooth Tiger - Out of StockSearch for the Holy Site - Out of StockSecond Chance - Out of StockShield Bearer of the Kingdom - Out of StockShock Troop of Asakna - Out of StockShriek of the Dead - Out of StockShuren, the King of Supremacy // Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration - Foil - Out of StockSiegfried, the Knight Commander // Siegfried, the Dragon Knight - Foil - Out of StockSkeleton Soldier - Out of StockSleeping Lion - Out of StockSneak Attack - Out of StockSnowwhite, the White Scale Dragon - Foil - Out of StockSolid Giant Tree - Out of StockSong of Tides - Out of StockSphinx, the Guardian of the King's Tomb - Foil - Out of StockSpiral Shift - Out of StockSpitting Imp - Out of StockSpreading Anger - Out of StockSprout of Treasure Tree - Foil - Out of StockSprout the Seeds - Out of StockStampede - Out of StockStampeding Summon - Foil - Out of StockSting Gimmick - Out of StockSuicidal Knights - Out of StockSuicidal Troop of Asakna - Out of StockSweeper of Coral - Out of StockTempting Alraune - Foil - Out of StockThe Flame - Foil - Out of StockThor, the White Lightning - Foil - Out of StockThousands Rain - Out of StockThrowback - Out of StockTree of Eternity - Out of StockTree of Heaven's Blessing - Out of StockTristan, the Lusting Knight - Foil - Out of StockTurnaround - Out of StockTwin Swords of Water's Mercy // Twin Swords of Water's Mercy (J) - Out of StockUpdraft - Out of StockUrge of Destruction - Out of StockWall of Blizzard - Out of StockWandering Knight - Out of StockWard of Protection - Out of StockWarlord of Exploding Flame // Warlord of Exploding Flame (J) - Out of StockWash Away - Out of StockWater Dragon - Out of StockWater Magic Stone - Out of StockWhen I die, you too - Foil - Out of StockWill of Peace - Out of StockWill-o'-the-Wisp - Foil - Out of StockWind Cutter - Out of StockWind Magic Stone - Out of StockWindcalling Flower - Out of StockWindfall - Out of StockWondering Soul - Out of StockWraith, the Pained Soul - Out of StockWyvern of Mount Olga - Out of Stock