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Bohnanza: Princes and Pirates Expansion


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Description: - Add new elements to the beloved game of Bohnanza!
- Play with up to 7 people!
- Offers new strategies!
- 43 new cards!

Bohnanza is a beloved game of trading and planting beans that has captured the hearts of board gamers worldwide. Now, you can add even more excitement to the game with the Bohnanza Princes and Pirates Expansion. This expansion pack includes 43 new cards, allowing up to 7 people to play together, and introduces new elements to the game.

The Princes and Pirates Expansion pack is perfect for those who already love the original Bohnanza game and want to take things to the next level. The additional cards offer new strategies and opportunities for players that will keep them engaged and challenged.

As players of Bohnanza know, the game revolves around trading and planting beans to earn coins. However, the Princes and Pirates Expansion adds a new layer of complexity to the game. Players will now have to navigate the high seas to deliver their beans to ports and earn even more coins. The new mechanics of this expansion not only add a new storyline to the game but also elevate the gameplay and experience.

Overall, the Princes and Pirates Expansion pack is a great way to breathe new life into the classic game of Bohnanza. With its extra cards, additional players, new strategies, and storyline, it is a surefire hit amongst board gamers of all experience levels.
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