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Kittens in a Blender


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Description: Sure, kittens are curious by nature, but when these adorable kittens play in a kitchen full of dangerous appliances, it is up to you to save them. This fast-paced card game has players working to save all of their own kittens before the unthinkable happens!Kittens In A Blender is an irreverent card game in which adorable, curious little kittens wander through an unsafe kitchen and sometimes end up where they shouldn't. The game is simple enough to be played by the entire family (a family with a good sense of humor, we hope) yet has that dark, tongue-in-cheek edge that many gamers appreciate.Contents:• Rules• 1 oversized Blender card• 1 oversized Box card• 110 playing cards:64 Kittens: 16 in each of 4 colors - red, green, blue and yellow18 Kitties on the Move: 6 of each number16 Blends: 8 Regular Blend & 8 Blend Black 4 Dogs in the Kitchen: 2 left & 2 right2 Kittens in the Blender2 Your Cats in the Blender2 Cats on the Counter2 Kittens in the Box
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