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One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak


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Description: The Arkhive Flip Case 400+ is the ultimate box for the transportation and storage of a large number of cards and / or more cover Cases with nearly infinite combinations! Thanks to its modular design with ideal dimensions fit a wide range of Ultimate Guard products perfectly in the box. Here are just a few examples: • 430+ cards double-sleeved • 500+ maps single-sleeved • 850+ cards without covers • 175+ Top Loader • 5x Boulder deck Case 80+ • 4x Boulder deck Case 100+ • 3x Flip cover Case 80+ • 5x deck Case 80+ Product Details:• XenoSkin innovative surface material with anti-slip texture • High quality material inside-quality microfiber material • Particularly strong lock, extra safe, lock with four magnets • Rigid, rugged box, super sturdy, two-layer shell for maximum protection • Modular design, ideal for keeping a large selection of Ultimate guard products • Ideal for Cubing: the box is ideal for use in Magic the Gathering Cube DraftsDimensions: 30.7 cm x 11 cm x 9.5 cm
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